Islander Foodservice
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Party Pies - 42g

Party Pies - 47g

Party Pies Beef - 46g

Party Beef & Red Wine Pies - 50g

Party Chicken & Mushroom Pies - 50g

Party Lamb & Rosemary Pies - 50g

Party Thai Chicken Pies - 50g

Mixed Variety Party Pies(Lamb&Rosemary,Curry Chicken&Veg,PepperSteak) - 46g

Party Sausage Rolls - 33g

Party Sausage Rolls - 57g

Party Sausage Rolls

Party Quiche Lorraine - 40g

Party Quiche Spinach & Cheese - 40g

Party Quiche Semi Dried Tomato & Fetta - 40g

Combo Party Quiche Variety Pack(Lorraine,Spinach & Feta,CheesyChorizo) - 46g