Islander Foodservice
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Plastic Containers Round C8/8oz/220ml - 117mmx36mm

Plastic Containers Round C10/10oz/280ml - 117mmx50mm

Plastic Containers Round C16/16oz/440ml - 117mmx61mm

Plastic Containers Round C20/20oz/500ml - 117mmx64mm

Plastic Container Lids Round - 120mm

Plastic Container Dome Lids Round - 117mm

Plastic Containers Rectangular C500/500ml - 172x120x40mm

Plastic Containers Rectangular C700/700ml - 172x120x55mm

Plastic Containers Rectangular C1000/1000ml - 172x120x70mm

Plastic Container Lids Rectangular - 172mmx120mm

8oz Hinged Dome Lid Bowl

12oz Hinged Dome Lid Bowl

16oz Hinged Dome Lid Bowl

20oz Hinged Dome Lid Bowl

24oz Hinged Dome Lid Bowl