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Packaging > Wrapping Material
Islander Foodservice
A world of difference, a world of choice!

Cling Wrap - 33cm x 600m

Cling Wrap - 45cm x 600m

Aluminium Foil - 30cm x 150m

Aluminium Foil - 44cm x 150m

Aluminium Foil - Heavy Duty - 44cm x 150m

Handy Bake Baking Paper - 30cm x 120m

Handy Bake Baking Paper - 40cm x 120m

Go Between Freezer Wrap - 33cm x 15m

Sandwich Paper 2 Cut - 330 x 400mm - 800 Sheets

Sandwich Paper 3 Cut - 220 x 400mm - 1200 Sheets

White Paper Large Newsprint - 14kg

Aluminium Foil Sheets Large - 28.5cm x 22.5cm